I am conducting Performance tesing for a web based application. The ojjective of the test is to measure the application performance over our network infrastructure. Load testing is not the objective.

The way I am conducting the test is as follows
1)I have recorded the testscripts using load runner vugen
2)I am creating the controller scenarios for various network settings (bandwidth, latency, packet out of order, packet loss,etc..)
3) We are using a Wan Emulator tool to simulate the network conditions.

4) I have around 100 scenarios (6 different bandwidth setting and each bandwidth having different latencies and other network settings)

I am a bit confused in managing this testing activity. I want to run all the scenarios, measure the transaction response times in each scenario.

The questions I have are

1) Can any one suggest me the best way to manage such a testing activity. I am feeling it is cumbersome to run 100 different scenarios, generating 100 different reports and then enter the transaction response times in a spreadsheets against various network settings and generate a performance graph.

I am overwhelmed by this task. That may be because I am not taking a right approach. I greatly appreciate if anyone can share their knowledge and let me know the best way to do this.

2) I also want to know if there is any way we can merge graphs from different scenarios i.e. I want to super impose all the graphs from various scenarios to show how the performance varies with the changing network settings.

I appreciate any information and suggestion.