Hi all,

I need some valuable suggestions for load testing a .NET application.
First of all i need to know, whether, there is a provision to capture the scripts using the load runner version 7.0.
The application, that i am load testing is a web application, hosted in MS-IIS 5.0 server, with Oracle client.
This application is developed in .Net.

I have a trial version of loadrunner for 25 vusers.

I tried capturing the application using the loadrunner 7.0(Web session), but it was failure.The script was not generated, so i installed the Astra Load Test and did the capture, it worked fine.

I planned to install agents in different systems and execute the scripts with a distributed load.

I tried installing the load generator alone, but it didn't work, so installed all the components in all the agent machines.
Even after installing all the components in all the machines , when i tried to execute the scripts , i got some error messages in the controller.

Now the problem is , i was able to invoke the agent machine from the controller, the "LoadRunner Agent Process" get's started in all the agent machines, but as soon as start the run, i got these msg

Error -29973 : Installation of additional environments required - failed to read registry key :"̓".

Error -29996 : Process "mmdrv.exe" was not created ,reason - error in parsing command line into file

What cud be the reason for this. I tried re-installing the loadrunner software in the client machines, but even then i get these error messages.

You have to help me in suggesting how to work on the .Net applications with load runner 7.0 and with astra load test.

Does Loadrunner 7.0 support .Net? If yes then, I also need to know , whether there is any add-in patch for .Net load testing.

Suggstions are highly appreciated.