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I am replaying a script recorded in ODBC protocal (SQL 7 database). The script records fine, but it fails immediately when trying to authenticate. I am curious if this is a problem trying to decrypt the log-in credentials because there when I playback the script on extended logging I see the following "User=" and "Server=" values for either.

An example of the lrd_open_connection is as follows:

lrd_open_connection(&Con1, LRD_DBTYPE_ODBC, "", lr_decrypt("3d74c849e"), "",lr_decrypt("3d74c849b79919712265684b792842b0bdd 0a6f85c3e5ca003300b97d39"
"a3662ec33f9c5ddb49faafe10519ed763a3e067072b20b630 82e0262059867dc1d0898"
"a0bc1b570895f529112970a04acbd80585bc7c57106b032aa dbddcaff484bf2dcb6477"
"0b1bcced7e4bc98cfd91caabde9231da0"), Ctx2, 1, 0);

I have tried to get the decrypted value using

char* str;

str = lr_decrypt("3d74c849e");
lr_output_message("%s", str);

But I do not get any value.

Any ideas what might be causing this?
Thanks in advance,