Hi All

I want to test load balancing operation. Our application is like that there is one IIS server and 5 JRun servers. I need to check that load balancing is done properly among all 5 Jrun server. We use IP based load balancing....

I know that I can perform the test by IP Spoofing capability of LR,but

I want to know right approach......

I have followed the following methode

1. Run IP wizard on load generator machine to add IP addresses of the five servers

2. In controller select Scenario--> Enable IP Spoofer

3. Run the test scenarion.


1. Is the approach I have follwed right ??? If not what is the right one?

2. What is the other things I am missing in my approach?

3.What precautions I need to take for creating such scenario ?

4. How can I get performance of the each individual Jrun server ??

Please help .......