I have been assigned the job to stress-test Java components using LoadRunner. Ours is not a Web-based application. Is it feasible?
I tried running a sample-program, but without success. The details are listed below:

Created a Java Vuser script.
* LoadRunner Java script. (Build: 339)
* Script Description:
import lrapi.lr;

public class Actions
public int init() {
return 0;
}//end of init

public int action() {
lr.message("I am here");
return 0;
}//end of action
public int end() {
return 0;
}//end of end

When I try running it, it gives me an error message
Error -22982 : Failed to load lrapi.lr class.
Warning -10485 : Extension trans.dll reports error -1 on call to function ExtAbortCleanup

The jdk version is:1.3.0.
The classpath has been set as follows:
Notify classpath=C:\Program Files\Mercury Interactive\LoadRunner\bin\temp2\;c:\program files\mercury interactive\loadrunner\classes\srv;c:\program files\mercury interactive\loadrunner\classes;.;..;


Balaji Rangan