We are trying to invoke a Load Generator(Injector) over the firewall from a Controller within firewall. When we click on connect on Generator Screen following error message was displayed in Output log of Controller. (LR ver 7.5)

Error -29992 : Client (-server_type=0)(-server_name=na1448)(-server_port=50500)(-user_extra_data=NAMEna1448) is not responding. [MsgId: MERR-29992]

Configuration is done as per following

System A(na1448) - within firewall
This system has controller and MI Listener. In controller under Load generators details in "firewall" tab, MI Listner name and System B's name has been configured.

System B - outside firewall
Connected to internet using dial-up. This system has Load Generator component installed. Here we have configured Agent configuration settings as per steps given in Controller document. Herein the IP address of MI Listener system(na1448) and Local key (that should be used as per above generator setting in controller) are configured.

Pls note that we are finding the status of connectivity from na1448 to System B through port 443 as "ESTABLISHED" using netstat command.

Thanks in advance.