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I am new to loadrunner and i read lot of articles and discussions
about the web_set_max_retries() function before posting this message.

I am trying the following. I want to try to run the web_submit_data
() for 8 times if it comes with 503 error message.

retry = web_set_max_retries("8");


But after this web_submit_data() 503 error message comes up and the
transactions fails. Am i doing anything wrong here? I tried to
output the value of retry in the log. Only incase of successful
submits it displays the value as zero. In case failures it is not
displaying any value. I am just getting the error as 503...... Can I
use some kind of looping instead of this function..... or any
advantage of using this function over loops........

Please let me know if i am doing anything wrong in using the

Waiting for any kind of help over this issue.