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Does anybody was sucessfull on monitoring Linux RedHat 7.1 using Unix
Resources from LR 7.X?

I am having the error messages bellow, and I do have rstatd
intialized&running and there is no firewall on the way.

Is there any other hint on this?

Thanks a lot,

Alecsandri Dias

Obs: I can monitor other things such as Apache...

Monitor name :UNIX Resources. Cannot initialize the monitoring on Error while creating the RPC client. Ensure that the
machine can be connected and that it runs the rstat daemon (use
rpcinfo utility for this verification). Detailed error: RPC: Failed
to create RPC client.
RPC-TCP: Failed to establish RPC server address.
RPC-TCP: Failed to communicate with the portmapper on
host ''.
RPC: RPC call failed.
RPC-TCP: recv()/recvfrom() failed.
RPC-TCP: recv()/recvfrom() failed.
WinSock: Connection reset by peer. (entry point:
CFactory::Initialize). [MsgId: MMSG-47190]