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    XP/IE 6.0 - LR 7.0 compatibility

    User Sunil Kumar (sunil.kumar@india.birlasoft.com.nospam) posted:


    I have installed LR 7.0 on an XP box without doing much research.It's
    default browser is IE 6.0.The web vugen is not recognizing this browser.Can
    anyone tell me if there is any patch available in MI site for download or is
    there any workaround?.I beleive it is not possible to downgrade my browser
    from IE 6.0 to IE 5.5!!!!!?


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    Re: XP/IE 6.0 - LR 7.0 compatibility

    Hi Sunil,

    You are right , you can't downgrade from IE6 to IE 5.*.
    That leads to unability of recording using IE5.5.
    But what's possible is if you do the recording using some other
    machine, then its possible to replay the script using whichevr
    version of browser you wish to. Just go to Run time settings ->
    Browser Emulation.

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