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HTML or Browser mode as it has been known is where you record the
script in the context of the page, what I mean is that when you
record against a site it will return one web_url function, all its
components are stored in cache and the script will have to search the
cache for each susequent step durign replay

Benefits of HTML Recording
They are retrieved from memory during playback
If they are dynamic, the Vuser still runs
Script is as big as business process–one step per page
Smaller and easy to use
Can utilize context sensitive checks

Disadvantages of HTML recording
Memory (cache) is searched during playback
Requires more memory
Requires more CPU power

HTTP or URL as it is now known records pages as HTTP requests and
writes functions for all downloaded components. On replay however
each step is independeant and the cache is not searched

Benefits of URL Recording
Scripts are more scalable than HTML scripts
Less resourse required (not searching cache)
Support for Java Applets and ActiveX objects on the page
Ability to replay on UNIX

Disadvantages of URL Recording
Scripts require more correlation (as nothing is retrieved from cache)
Context-sensitive checks won't work (parser is disabled)* use
Scripts are large (all images and frames are recorded as separate

Hope this helps