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each monitor must be paid for, so if you only paid for the controller and the vusers you will not be able to use the monitors. The error message you are getting sounds as if you do not have the correct license. When you install the controller, all components are installed, it is the license key that determine which components you have access to use.


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Hi folks ,

*** Question1
In my case a typical login request takes 2 seconds.Now i want to break down
this figure as follws

Time taken by web server
time taken by app server

How can i spilt up that 2 seconds ?

My web server and app server runs in a Solaris box .

****Question 2

I tired using Network delay time graph .But i am getting an message says
"Monitor is not installed or was not licensed " .I remember that when i
install LR i included the Network monitor also .

We are using DHCP enabled network cards .Is that the problem ? How can i
proceed ?

Thanks in advance


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