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My requirement is of cascading a few "Actions"(i.e one action follows
the other ina sequence). I could insert actions in the left pane by
just doing right click and insert action.
and i added three actions and now i have a list of actions in the
left pane say action1(default) action2 action3 action4
I also added the funciton to each action.
But all the Actions (except for the first one) get greyed out .
Then I tried to select these action in the Pacing tab of the
runtime settings . i.e Right click on Run add and action
block ..right click on the action block and select InsertActions
gives a list of actions
which contain only 3 actions

2)The first(default action)

where as it must show all the actions listed above i.2 actions 1 to
action4 .
The help files describes the same procedure as given above and asks
the user to select the actions form the list of actions

But as previosly mentioned .I just see the above 1)2)3) actions in
the list ..and so there is nothing that can be selected.

I hope the above descriptions is not verry confusing....but if
anybody has already been through this...let me know.