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Read Mercury Interactive's Books Online - LoadRunner Creating Vuser Scripts Windows and UNIX Version 7.5, Chapter 25 (Developing CORBA-Java Vuser Scripts) beginning on page 333 and see if your situation fits within the scope of what is described. Pay particular attention to the last paragraph on page 333.

Previous versions back to at least 6.5 have similar documentation.

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Hi all ,

My application uses API to do the following operation

*Given an userName and password check whether the user is a valid user
*Given a userName, get all attributes for the user
*Given a userName, get all roles for the user

These API makes a remote call ( CORBA) call to the registry server to
execute the above operations.

Is there any way asses the performance of the above API using Loadrunner ?
Any inputs ?

Thanks in advance


Bug is all i want

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