I'm new to LoadRunner and after I went through a course I try to do my first steps on my own but I get some Probs and hope that anybody here can help me.
I have just started to test an application which uses the WinSocket protocol. The recorded script runs wondeful while playing it back in the VuGen and also if I use it in a scenario with up to 15 vusers (one iteration). But if I increase the number of users to 18 or 20 or more (also only one iteration) the Controller and the output file shows the following error:
* Error-19890: C-Interpreter run time error: Action.c(22): Error--memory vioaltion: Exception ACCESS_VIOLATION received. *
Perhaps I should say that I have to send a lot of data therefore the data.ws file has ~36MB, the whole script folder ~120MB. The LoadGen has 1GB phys. RAM + 1,5GB pagefile. If I run 14 Vusers it takes approx. 830MB RAM, if I try to run 18 Vusers it takes ~1,4GB RAM on the LoadGen.
So, could it be that LoadRunner can't work with RAM larger than 1,0 or 1,2GB or something like that? Or is there just a simple mistake in my work?
Thanks and greetings