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    Web Dyanamic Text check.

    When I creat a new Shopping cart a number is printed on the top of the web page along with some text. It looks like this. "Requesition submitted as PR150004.
    Status Pending". I need to get the "PR150004" from this page. How do i do that?

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    Re: Web Dyanamic Text check.


    RTFM dude.

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    Re: Web Dyanamic Text check.

    Hi, web_reg_save_param() is working incase of urls. But what i am currently looking for is to extract the PR number. This number will not be constant. For each cart sumbitted this number increases. Can u suggest any other method please?


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    Re: Web Dyanamic Text check.

    Still you should RTFM

    anyway one way of doing this is to set a param and capture the right and left boundaries. then you can catch the number you are looking for. you can save the result in the param and do what ever you want with it.


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    Re: Web Dyanamic Text check.

    Turn extended logging on and look for your dynamic number in the log. Do as the previous respondent suggests and find the pre and post text and capture the number in between. Parameterise this number and it will not matter that it is not a constant.

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