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    Load Runner Timeouts in Weblogic 6.1

    We are in the process of upgrading our applications from Weblogic 6.0 to Weblogic 6.1. Prior to rolling out, we would like to have a successful load test, using a previous WL6.0 test as a baseline.

    When we run the scripts using WL 6.1, we get over 400 failed transactions in a 1 hour period. Anytime a transaction exceeds 120 seconds, there is a trx timeout that results in an error.

    meanwhile, in our 6.0 baseline test, this same transaction averages 141 seconds, but only results in 1 error ???

    Any ideas ?


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    Re: Load Runner Timeouts in Weblogic 6.1

    The deafult timeout in LR is 120 sec. You may want to increase it to 200

    Steve Bertun
    Steve Bertun



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