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    Error in the messages window


    I get the following error while running LR. This looks like an LR error and nothing to do with the application that I am testing. Can someone tell me what this error is about and how do I correct it?

    "Error - -10486: Exception was raised when calling notify_generic_message function in extension vusr_log_dll: system exception 0xc000005: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION [msgId: MERR -10486]"



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    Re: Error in the messages window

    Try Mercury's CSO. Give them the error number and ask them to clearify the explanation.

    Before I could guess at the problem I would need to know more info. Did you get this error every time it tried to call that function? If not was it doing something the other users were not? E.G. took a different path in the script, using different variable, retrieving variables from different locations, using a parameter, etc.

    Hope this helps.

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