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    Loadrunner VS. QA Load

    User Parks, Reggie (reggie.parks@bankofamerica.com.nospam) posted:

    Any of you LR gurus have any experience with Compuware's QA Load? I was
    wondering if there are any tips/tricks that could be utilized in both of
    them, specifically using the windows sockets protocol.

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    Re: Loadrunner VS. QA Load

    Windows socket scripts can be and usually are horrendous to work with & i woud suggest best avoided unless this is the only method of capturing your transactions.

    I would suggest though that if you have to use Windows Sockets that you ensure EVERYTHING which does not have to be running and all un-necessary applications be switched off. I once had a problem with a socket being opened to an IP address that wasn't on our hosts table and it turned out to be the exchange mail server as we still had an e-mail client enabled.

    Best of luck.

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    Hope this helps.




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