We are in the process of evaluating loadrunner for one project and would like to have certain clarification before starting the evaluation:
1)IP Spoofing: load balance related performance tracking. How it is done and can it be used for testing over the internet?
2)Load Ramping: by varying the load at sustained times. what different settings can be specified in the scheduler?
3)How to reuse the workflows/script?
4)How to iterate only some part of the script randomly?
5)As the application uses ejb component, can response time be taken for different components(in case the component time is more)?
6)How do we use JAVA Client as well as LDAP Client as Vuser? Are there script different from Web client script? If yes, what r the major differences?
7)Can loadrunner find out the error rate for a particular response time and how?
8)As the whole architecture is on solaris platform, what r the different counters to be monitored to identify bottlenecks and does loadrunner gives those counters?

Appreciating in advance any help from all of u?