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Your analysis is correct that it is not IP related, but Jeff is correct. Normally, there is single dB user account set up for the web/app server. So the dB logs will reflect ALL requests as coming from the web/app server account. To verify if this is the case, have your DBA run an audit session report the next time you execute your scenario. The audit session report will identify the user name for each query/request (My bet is that the logs will not reflect your Vuser login account but the one that is tied to the web/app server). So, the Vusers aren't being "funneled" sequentially, it is that the dB queries/requests are tied to the same user account. Also, if all your Vusers are requesting the same file or executing the same query; more than likely, the first request is submitted to the database and all subsequent requests are satisfied by the web/app server cache. Finally, ask your DBA how many simultaneous connections the database can support. Once you exceed that nu!
mber, all subsequent requests sit in a queue until a free connection is available (which gives the appearance that things are sequential) or times out.