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Hi all,

First of all. I would like to appreciate all the postings in these
group which had added to my knowledge not just of LoadRunner but
testing and software QA.

I am testing an application with Java Servlets being called by an
XML/ASP frontend. My issue is that on the log-in phase, instead of a
usual log-in dialog, the application is pulling my session ID (this
is a Windows 2000 client by the way and Windows 2000 Servers in the
back-end). According to the developers a COM component is pulling my
Session_ID (defined as a system variable) and passing the
authentication along. My experience with LoadRunner is that when you
replay your scripts in vugen,in the run time viewer you usually error
out when your application is designed like this... (pulling your
NT/Active Directory authentication) yet in the results pane it would
show that you passed. For any errors such as javascript or vbscript
errors, the solution from LR is to turn off scripting in the run-time
viewer. I have confirmed in previous applications, that the user is
authenticated all the way through.

In this particular scenario, I would like different users with
different IDs. I do not know how I can go around this since the COM
component is pulling the authentication off the system variable
Session ID. The application is not designed with a log-on page. I can
only create one user in LR and this does not satisfy my use case of
different groups of users hitting the application.

Does anybody have any idea of a work around? What would be some of
your experiences for web applications that pull the authentication
from the session id (i.e the username-password pair when you log into
the domain in the client box)?

Any immediate response will be highly appreciated

Thank you and regards.

Noel Paz
Intel iSVS

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