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Can someone tell me about snapshots?

I'm reading in the LoadRunner manual
(Creating Vuser Scripts) that they're
for keeping track of executions in my
script. Does the mean the -order- of the

Up until this point I thought it made no
difference in what order images within a
page, or frames within a page, were retrieved
in; that is, the order of the web_url functions.

I recorded two users, both doing the same actions.
I retrieve a page with three frames, so it has to
retrieve each of -those- pages. Here are parts of
the generated scripts:

for user1:
web_url("browseList", ..., "Snapshot=t3.inf", LAST);
web_url("browseNav", ..., "Snapshot=t4.inf", LAST);
web_url("browseTop", ..., "Snapshot=t5.inf", LAST);

and for vuser2:
web_url("browseTop", ..., "Snapshot=t3.inf", LAST);
web_url("browseNav", ..., "Snapshot=t4.inf", LAST);
web_url("browseList", ..., "Snapshot=t5.inf", LAST);

Would I be able to, say, change the order for my
vuser1 to match the order of vuser2? If so, would
I have to change the values of the snapshots? Does
any of this affect the t-something.inf files in my
data directory?

thanks to anyone who can help,

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