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Hi all fellow LoadRunner users -

I'm new to the world of load testing and LoadRunner. I have been
using the tool for approximately 5 months. I attended
the "Introduction to LoadRunner" class in Chicago back in February.
Unfortunately, most of the issues (problems) that I encounter on a
regular basis aren't covered in the student manual. The Funcional
Reference Guide included with the LoadRunner tool isn't very

I really wish someone would come out with a "LoadRunner for Dummies"
book or another book of that type. Finding out how to do anything in
LoadRunner is like pulling teeth when it comes to finding help at
Mercury's Website. Many of the white papers and other documentation
only tell you that LoadRunner CAN do something. The details in HOW
to EXPLICITLY do something are usually missing. Also, the student
workbook that I received in my LoadRunner training is useless for

The issues I refer to are many of the issues found here at this
usergroup. Issues regarding cookies, .jsp's, .asp's, streaming audio
and video, flash files, working with specific components, how to
monitor a typical component, etc.

I found other usergroups or "roundtables," but my experience so far
has been that many of the experts leave vague replies. They write
that LoadRunner CAN do something, but don't write HOW to do it, or at
least refer to someplace with good documentation.

Don't get me wrong, I think LoadRunner is a fantastic tool. It's
amazing what this tool can do. Unfortunately, my place of work
doesn't have the budget to bring in people for lengthy detailed
training or to hire special consultants to come in and teach the more
advanced topics. That is why I really wish there was a good,
detailed book, one that you could find at a Barnes & Noble.

Does anyone else understand where I coming from here?


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