User McLean, Paul ( posted:


I am new to version 7 of LoadRunner and am very happy to be using the data
wizard for parameters. I used to write SQL and manually populate a file for
use by parameters, but now it seems I can incorporate these steps into the
parameter itself.

However, now that I have started using it I seem to have discovered the

1/ I can't seem to review the SQL entered.
2/ I can't 'refresh' the data by re-running the SQL.

My intention was to setup several parameters, based on SQL statements, so
that prior to each load test run, I could re-generate the parameter files.
(For example one parameter file selects a series of customers with search
keys, so that I can randomly search for customers that actually exist, and
another parameter lists orders in a particular state, as the action for that
parameter expects orders in that state and it's processing progresses the
order past that state.)

Any ideas?

Paul McLean
ANZ (Australia)

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