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    FW: Re: whats the \"Think Time\"--The Final Frontier

    User Richard At Lee Systems (richard@leesystems.com) posted:

    Here's what I do to truly understand a feature or function of LoadRunner, as
    sometimes there are undocumented features.

    Install Mercury Web Tours Training Site.
    Record a script performing what you are trying to determine what LoadRunner
    does ( think time in this case)
    run the script
    evaluate the results.

    In this case, record the same transaction twice, the second time give it a
    different transaction name, and place a rediculously long think time within
    the transaction markers....Run it within the controller, and view the
    transaction times in the reports. This will truly determine how think times
    are handled within transaction markers. How these things are handled have
    varied from version to version of LoadRunner.


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    Re: FW: Re: whats the \"Think Time\"--The Final Frontier

    User Neil Cameron (neilc@qss.co.uk) posted:

    LOL, ok thanks for that



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