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I have encountered an issue which is preventing us from fully Performance
testing our Web Application.

I have recorded a series of transactions (average time 5 secs) using the Virtual
User Generator and added a parameter file for userids.
I then select the option in the Vuser Gen to create a Scenario for 5 vusers.
Once these are created in the Controller module, I modify the
Runtime Settings and set the number of iterations to 20, select Okay and save my

I then initialize my vusers and run them. Monitoring the test via Perf Mon, I am
only observing 2 concurrent users executing on the web site. I am not able to
get the maximum number of vusers configured on via my Scenario's Runtime
Settings to execute all at the same time. Using other tools we have available to
us, I am able to get the throughput specified but not with LoadRunner.

Has anyone encountered this situation and please how did you go about resolving

Thanks in advance.

Paul Asenuga
Sr. QA Engineer
OneSource Information Services Inc.
978-318-4300 x4382

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