Has anyone any idea on what the workaround wld be for the problem highlighted below.
The recorder only works for the application by using the winsocks VUser.

Playback fails with a timeout error which is not resolved even after manually inserting an increased timeout.

My suspicion is that it might be due to the fact that socket3 is not expicitly created.

/************************************************** *******************
* Created by Mercury Interactive Windows Sockets Recorder
* Created on: Wed May 16 17:16:07
************************************************** *******************/

#include "lrs.h"


lrs_create_socket("socket0", "UDP", LrsLastArg);

lrs_send("socket0", "buf0", "TargetSocket=swd2.netid.anplc.co.uk:53", LrsLastArg);

lrs_receive("socket0", "buf1", LrsLastArg);


lrs_create_socket("socket1", "TCP", "RemoteHost=swdxs76.nt.anplc.co.uk:49330", LrsLastArg);

lrs_create_socket("socket2", "TCP", "LocalHost=0", "Backlog=1", LrsLastArg);

lrs_send("socket1", "buf2", LrsLastArg);


lrs_accept_connection("socket2", "socket3");


lrs_send("socket3", "buf3", LrsLastArg);

lrs_receive("socket3", "buf4", LrsLastArg);


lrs_receive("socket3", "buf5", LrsLastArg);

lrs_send("socket3", "buf6", LrsLastArg);

Execution Log Output

vuser_init.c(14): lrs_create_socket(socket0, UDP, ...)
vuser_init.c(16): lrs_send(socket0, buf0)
vuser_init.c(18): lrs_receive(socket0, buf1)
vuser_init.c(20): lrs_close_socket(socket0)
vuser_init.c(22): lrs_create_socket(socket1, TCP, ...)
vuser_init.c(24): lrs_create_socket(socket2, TCP, ...)
vuser_init.c(26): lrs_send(socket1, buf2)
vuser_init.c(28): lrs_accept_connection(socket2, socket3)
vuser_init.c(28): Error : Timeout expired while trying to accept. Error code : 9017.
-16985 : Failed to end Transaction vuser_init_Transaction (by name). [MsgId: MERR-16985]