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i have couple of questions about com/dcom.i am pretty comfortable with
Webload testing .But recently there was request in our organisation that
they wanted to test Com+ objects.These objects all are dll's written in
VB.They want to load test these objects individually before they develop all
the ASP's. We don't have license Com/dcom yet.we are gonna get it soon.

My questions are

1.How do u they set them up?? on ClientWorkstation or on Server(IIS).
i think we can set them up both the ways.

2. what is the cost for the licence for 250 users?.is it an addon to
existing license .We have license for 250 web users.( i know we can get this
from mercury but i thought i can get it here much faster)

3. what are the other things which are to be considered while generating
VuGen scripts.

Note: These dll's will access the database.

Thanks for the help


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