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    HTTP Recording....

    User Stephanie (ssylve1445@mindspring.com) posted:

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    you can use web_create_html_param() and then evaluate what is captured and =
    use the lr_log_message or lr_end_transaction functions to pass or fail the =

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    Sent: Monday, April 09, 2001 5:08 PM
    Subject: [LoadRunner] HTTP Recording....

    Hai Friends,

    My name is suresh and I am new to this loadrunner group. Now in my compan=
    y they started using loadrunner 6.5. I need a help.

    I tried to use image/text check points in HTTP recording mode(analog). Bu=
    t LR is not allawing me to use that one. I am getting an error message that=
    Analog mode not supports check points. Why it is happened? Is there any ot=
    her way? Can I use web_create_html_param() statement?

    Any help is appreciated

    Thank you in advance

    Best Regards

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    Re: HTTP Recording....

    User (JosephH614@aol.com) posted:

    I believe that LoadRunner can only perform image checking when scripts are recorded in context-sensitive, not analog mode.

    As Stephanie mentioned, you can use the service function web_html_create_param_ex function, OR, if the boundaries are not embedded, you can use the service function, web_reg_save_param.

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