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    Web Server Monitoring

    I am new to LoadRunner and am trying to setup the on-line monitors to get back the statistics from our Web Servers. I am told that we are running a Netscape web server installed on a Solaris box. How do I get these statistics to come through?


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    Re: Web Server Monitoring

    First of all you will have to go to online monitors tab and drag and drop the "Netscape - Last 60 sec" from the tree in the left pane under "Web Server Resources Graph" on to any of the four rectangles. You will see the rectangle being named netscape.
    Next select the rectangle and either right click to choose "add" or click "Add online measurement" from "Monitors" in the main menu. You will see a window pops up with name netscape.
    Click on the upper add btn " Add machine " form opens. Type the name or ip or the solaris machine and select plateform as unix from the drop box.

    From there onward you should check out the details in the controller user guide which can be accessed from the "help" in the main menu which comes with LR controller. Go to
    "Help->Books online -> Using the load runner controller -> Monitoring a scenario -> web performance monitors -> configuring the monitors "
    and check out the " Netscape Monitor"


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    Re: Web Server Monitoring

    ... and also ask the LoadRunner support to
    send you the latest patch for the monitors
    (in case you're running ver 6.5).

    That patch can be essential to get it running




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