1. In relation to the OSI Model whill a WinSock recording would include information from higher level protocols such as HTTP, FTP, TELNET, SMTP, IIOP/GIOP, and several other protocols. If Yes, why?

2. What type problem could occur if I had a create socket statement within my init file and the corresponding close socket statement within my Actions file.

3. Examining my WinSock script I find that you have gotten three consecutive receives for the same socket. For each run, the number of receives vary anywhere from one to four receives.
How could I modify my script so that the time it waits for the first receive will be longer enough so that I can receive everything in one receive rather than multiple receives?

4. Working with an audio file I find that it uses actual audio streaming rather then downloading an audio file before playing it. How could I customize the WinSock script so that you I keep track of the amount of total received bytes?