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    Translating WinRunner scripts to Loadrunner Transactions

    I'm new to the WinRunner and Loadrunner Scene, so please bare with me if I ask something stupid.

    Is there any way possible that I can take a Webtest for WinRunner Script and Translate that Business process script to a LoadRunner transaction script??


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    Re: Translating WinRunner scripts to Loadrunner Transactions

    I don't quite get what you mean but I will attempt to answer.

    You can use Loadrunner to drive winrunner scripts but winrunner scripts act on the GUI front end so for every winrunner script that you want to run you would need a separate machine (PC). However LoadRunner has it's own built in scripting language VuGen which does not require a GUI front end as it can work at the HTTP level e.g. just submitting the data the browser would submit when buttons are clicked, etc.
    Some of the functions are different in Loadrunner (lr_blah1, lr_blah2) and so are not used in Winrunner it would be best to right the script via Vu_Gen unless you require some screen validations like a returned value for specific input data (Even though you can capture this in loadrunner).
    If so I would suggest you drive a winrunner script from Loadrunner as well as generate load via Vu_Gen.

    I hope I made sense.

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    Re: Translating WinRunner scripts to Loadrunner Transactions


    You can run a WinRunner script via LoadRunner (if that is what you are asking) by setting up a GUI Vuser and attaching your script to that. This is as opposed to a DBVuser which you would use if you used LoadRunner's internal VuGen to record your script. One thing to keep in mind: only one instance of a GUI Vuser can run at a time and you do lose some of the runtime options that are beneficial in some cases, such as iterations. This is rarely a problem, however, if you keep in mind why you are using the WinRunner script as opposed to a VuGen script. I had to do this when testing an auctions site once because I needed a series of conditional logic statements that were just easier to do in WinRunner plus I needed a simple visual check.

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    Re: Translating WinRunner scripts to Loadrunner Transactions

    There is an easy way to perform this "translation:
    1. Open WinRunner and load the script to be translated.
    2. Open LoadRunner and start to create a Web script, and start recording.
    3. Once the browser opens, simply switch to WinRunner and replay the script.

    LoadRunner should now record all of the http activity generated from WinRunner.



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