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    Creating WinSock scripts with VuGen

    Does anybody has experience with VuGen>WinSock scripts? If you have working script can I see it? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Creating WinSock scripts with VuGen

    Winsock is a TCP/IP protocol recorder (for Windows). The init(), actions(), and end() sections are similar to any other protocol except that Winsock uses buffers to send and receive the information. The send/receive buffer information is stored in a sections called 'data.ws'. For each send buffer, there is a corresponding receive buffer. Notice that each buffer is hexidecimal coded for each keyboard entry including the enter keys.

    Here is an example of the actions section:

    lrs_send(''socket0'', ''buf0'', LrsLastArg);

    lrs_receive(''socket0'', ''buf1'', LrsLastArg);

    lrs_send(''socket0'', ''buf2'', LrsLastArg);

    lrs_receive(''socket0'', ''buf3'', LrsLastArg);

    Here is an example of the buffer data in the data.ws section:

    send buf0
    ''\xff\xfb\x18\xff\xfd\x03\xff\xfb\x03\xff\xfd\x01 \xff\xfb\x1f''

    recv buf1 3

    send buf2

    recv buf3 21
    ''\xff\xfd\x18\xff\xfb\x03\xff\xfd\x03\xff\xfb\x01 \xff\xfd\x1f\xff\xfa\x18\x01\xff\xf0''

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    Re: Creating WinSock scripts with VuGen

    Try to start with smth simple, - e.g. short telnet session.



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