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    Citrix unable to run multi user on LG

    I am attempting to run multiple users on Load generator(using ALM) and I have observed whenever the second user is initialized, it pushes the firt user out with " a disconnect was called..."or does not successfully initialize itself.

    This continues only until the last user is left who initializes and runs successfully.

    Earlier I suspected, that its the Citrix setting not allowing multi user sessions from single IP..but that's not the case I manullay tried opening two user sessions(from same machine) from two different ICA files and it works like great.

    Checked time outs,synch and ICA files, they all look ok.

    Has anyone been through this and resolved successfully ?

    Note: I believe, the Ip spoofing does not work for Citrix scripts.However not sure if its because of the single iP issue.

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    Examine the Citrix logs. See if you have an exception related to business use and multiple unique users per host, etc... I would also deploy a protocol analyzer, such s wireshark, to capture what is happening at the IP layer for any error expressed there which would be useful in troubleshooting this issue
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    Can you run the test with 1 vuser from controller without any issues? If yes, then just try to run with 2 users and post the error message you see in the Vuser logs.

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    looks like you're using the same identification for both users - try using different user ids



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