I am using LR 12.50 with the Web/HTTP + Oracle NCA multiple protocols.

I have worked through most of the issues getting the app up and running from the starting browser page through the first Oracle NCA Java Applet form being correctly rendered and validated (getting the topWin string and comparing it the expected title). If my explicit code finds an error and I exit using an explicit:


the next iteration commences as expected.

But if a LoadRunner nca_blah() function throws an exception, for example the connect server fails with this implicit LR error:

Error: nca_connect_server: cannot communicate with host xxx.coresys.com on port 43004

the script exits the vUser, which I do not want (I want the vUser to attempt the next iteration which has recovery code). Is there a way to force LR to not exit the vUser for implicit nca_blah() exceptions or is this "just the way it is"?

-Thanks, Terry Horwath