Hi all

I'm pretty much a newbie to Loadrunner (11.52), am slowly getting to grips with it so apologies in advance for possible 'stupid' questions

So, the current issue i have is,
My web financial Application includes a screen with blank fields. When a calculate button is selected, the App pulls values from another Calculation Engine and then these fields becomes populated with numerical values (not predictable values).

The issue is, there is no confirmation message or Status change to indicate, transfer was data was successful....so I cant use for example, this : web_reg_find("Text=Values Populated",

The only way to see is that the previously empty fields are now populated with numerical values.

This measurement is very important as i need to calculate the time the calculate engine takes to transfer the values to the APP.

Can anyone help with a solution for this please?
Let me know if more info is required.

Much appreciated.