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    Invoke sql script on load generator


    I would like to run a test scenario wherein the script has the ability to invoke a sql script periodically on the load generator machine that has access to a certain database?only one user would need to do this. appreciate your input


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    See Business Availability Center. What you have described is the working definition of that production tool set for monitoring purposes.

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    Thanks James I actually have a different goal,I have two load generators one is the localhost for load simulation and another in a different domain for monitoring.I would like to be able to invoke a batch script for a very specific purpose (most probably by using the system command ) from one of the scenario groups on the load generator I have on another domain for monitoring, is that possible?appreciate your input

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    Production monitoring is the scope of BAC and disallowed under the license for LoadRunner. If you are simply looking to use a script for monitoring during a performance test then it simply comes down to adding another load generator, staging the script on the load generator and executing it during the test.

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    I would like to be able to alter some data of our application from backend using sql script during a load test
    the load generator machine that we use for monitoring has access to the SQL was wondering if there is a way to leverage on the monitoring machine
    to invoke that sql script

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    See product documentation: Database Virtual User. Available in VUGEN since version 4.51.

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    I think that requires to purchase license, for one virtual user probably not a good idea

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    I thought all the DB functions were available in all protocols these days, might need to include the lrd.h header file in the script... but I haven't needed it so haven't tried

    otherwise, what's the target DB - if it's MySQL - search for Stuart Moncrief or Richard Bishop they have custom C code examples, which run perfectly in web-protocol scripts, that could be used, or adapted, if the target DB is not MySQL



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