Howdy All,

OK, I am out of my comfort zone a bit yet again with a new LoadRunner project/task. This project will be testing maximum through put for a Java Swing App that uses CORBA Services calls. I have dealt with Web Services and CORBA Java before and believe that CORBA Services is basically doing the same type of things as Web Services (with the CORBA Services being an older technology). With that said, I am working with the senior developer who will be giving me a JAR file that will contain the methods needed to call the appropriate service(s). I will be saving the JAR file into the appropriate LaodRunner directory and updating the classpath so it can be found when the script is compiled.

Now, I very strongly suspect that this script will all need to be done in the JAVA Protocol (and will be used/ran under a template license when running the loadtest). I have started researching for some examples of this type of scripting and was wondering if anybody can point me to some good info. I believe it will be, per say, a wrapper around the method/service calls within the JAR file. I had asked about any security related issues/tokens and the developer does not believe any exist, but if they do, he will have all the needed security stuff included in the JAR file. All I need is a simple single call script to get my feet wet/ideas going.

1. LoadRunner 11.52
2. Permanent Licenses (currently in renewal process)(I have 200 Template VUsers)

I believe that about covers everything needed.....

Tom Johnson