Hi Admin,

I am new to LR's Ajax trueclient Protocol.

1.) My Query is currently i am using LR's 11.0 version with Ajax Trueclient Protocol. In my application there is a scenario where user logs in and click at a tab which opens a POP UP Form. Doing this activity in "DEVELOP SCRIPT" mode is not supporting the opening of POP UP. POP UP isn't showing during recording. While same activity is happening for other tabs ,i.e. POP UP's are coming. Hence stuck in recording only.

2.) Can you also please tell me something about the load test execution setup (Like any must do Run time settings before starting a test) in this Ajax true-client protocol (Is it Similar to the ones we perform for HTTP/HTML protocol) ??

I have executed a script with 5 VUsers and some Rampup values, for 5 minutes. All my transactions got passed but nothing has been showing at HITS/SECOND Parameter (i.e. showing 0.00).

Are these things related to patch up gradation with the same Version or LR up gradation from 11.0 V to 11.52 V

Speedy response will be highly appreciated.


Gaurav Sharma