LoadRunner Version: 11.00
Prototcol Used: Web(HTTP/HTML)

I am creating a script in VuGen with the following steps:
1. A URL of my application is loaded and it redirects to the third-party URL for authentication.
2. A username page appears. After entering the username, it takes you to answer two security questions.
3. After entering the answers to security questions, it takes you to the password page.
4. After entering the required password, it finally redirects you to the application and logs in to display the home page.

My problem occurs on the 4th step when i submit the password.
After submitting the password, the client side generates an encrytion code through javascript function calls.
This javascript code calls an encryption function which resides with the third party and the third party doesn't shares its encryption algorithm with us.

This encryption function generates a different encryption code on every request.

But my script always takes the code which is generated during recording because the encrypted code is seen in Web_submit_Data in the script.

I cannot correlate this encypted code because it is generated on the client side with the help of javascript.
Now i just want a help from your side on how to call this encryption function in my script?

I have three solutions for this:

1. I can write the encryption function in C and generate the encrypted code myself. But i cannot go with this solution because the encryption code algorithm lies with the third party and the third party organization cannot share its encryption code with us. So, this cannot be a solution.

2. We can do this process with AJAX TruClient protocol to handle Javascript. But the problem is that we only have a license to run Web Protocols (Web HTTP, Web Click and Script), So we cannot go with any other protocol except HTTP.

3. We can call the javascript file in our script and then store the return value of the function call in a variable.
But we cannot go with this solution because we can call the function from a javascript file only in LR version 11.5. and we have the LoadRunner vesion 11 with us.
LR 11.5 has a support to call javascript files in your web HTTP scripts.

I have tried it with Web Click and Script protocol as well but the situation got worsened.

So i want a solution only in Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol.

Now comes the help which i need from you.
Is there anyway by which i can get this encryption code into my script?
I have seen in the server response that the return value of this encryption code is saved in a javascipt variable.

Now, is there anyway by which i can call this javascript variable in my script?

Please help me out if you have any solution.
Do not ask me to go for any other protocol or any kind of version upgrade.
I just want a solution in Web(HTTP/HTML) protocol only.

Ankit Arora.