I'm trying to record script using multiple protocol. LR launches the IE (citrix web) and records script up until the point where I have to launch my AUT (trazetto facets) that is citrix based .. this is the last script the LR records

http://citrixpna/Citrix/XenApp2/site/launch.ica?CTX_Application=Citrix.MPS.App.CitrixAG P6.FAC5Q&CTX_Token=138BD927EB311640961117E051F919C C&LaunchId=1377107189715", CTRX_LAST);

This is TRIZETTO FACETS testing.

After the above recorded script all the activities i perform on LR are not captured in the script. So the WEB part of the protocol works fine up until I start recording script for my citrix based AUT..

HP suggested i install LR citrix agent on my citrix server (facets is also installed on this server), I did this but still encountering the same problem..

Kindly provide any suggestions for a fix or trouble shooting.. Try and break it down as much as you can. Any help is greatly appreciated

Kind Regards