Hi all,

I know the table s_ssa_id table makes the row ids available to a session in blocks.
I just wanted confirmation of when the RowIDs are made available to the session. Is it at Login or when an action is initiated in the Siebel application?

My Siebel implementation clicks on a [New] button to enter a new record.

With or without the Siebel correlation library, the RowID(SWERowId) first appears in the recorded script as follows(below).

lr_start_transaction("CLICK NEW"); //Click New Button
web_add_cookie("SWEUAID=3; DOMAIN=siebel.qa.hew.us.ml.com");
"Name=SWER", "Value=0", ENDITEM,
"Name=SWEVI", "Value=", ENDITEM,
"Name=SWERowId", "Value=1-CBJKT5", ENDITEM,
"Name=SWEMethod", "Value=NewRecord", ENDITEM,
"Name=SWEC", "Value={Siebel_SWECount}", ENDITEM,
"Name=SWEReqRowId", "Value=1", ENDITEM,

Playback of the script up to that point produces no issues. (With other correlations done (SRN, SWEC etc).
I'v scanned the Extended log for an occurrance of the RowID being returned from a prior request up to the point above.

What is captured via my own inserted web_reg_save_param() up to that point are ROW IDs which are not in sequence(0-9)(A-Z) and appear not to be related.

(I'm the only one in the environment. Recording a new script shows again in that same located (code above) the RowID captured.

I guess my question is, when are the RowIDs passed to the client. Is it at Login or when an action(clicking New) is initiated in the application?
Also, is it possible the RowIDs are passed into Javascript code on the client thus I wont see it and be able to capture them on playback?
I see a lot of javascript code on playback in Extended log. Hovering over the [New] button also displays Javascript(0).

Am I on to something here?Just want to be pointed in the right direction.