Hi all -

I attempted to search for this issue but couldn't find anything, so apologies beforehand if this has been answered elsewhere already.

I am currently running LR 11.52 (windows OS) and have the new VTS up and running as well. When I attempt to run my script (just a simple connect to VTS, pull data from a row, and disconnect) in the Vugen, it runs fine. When I attempt to run it in the controller using localhost as the generator, it runs fine.

However, when I attempt to run this script using one of our Linux LG's (it's the latest version - 11.52) all of my VUsers go to an error state, and no error messaging is shown in the output window. I've checked the logs by logging into the Linux LG manually and cannot find any error messaging there either.

Has anyone experienced this or have any insight as to what might be going on? We have ensured that ports 8888 are open on both the Controller machine and Linux LG as well.