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    Unable to Loadbalance on App server when running using IP Spoofing

    Hello All

    I am using LR 11.5.1 on Windows 2008 server with HTTP /HTML with 40 Vusers.

    I am having issue with load balancing on app server when running performance test.We have 2 app server and is balanced by a GSS Round Robin technique .
    In production the load is correctly balanced and the same configuration is used in performance environment.

    These are the steps I have taken, but still no success.I have a total of 40 Vusers. Application under test has 40 different users / password.

    1. Added 20 different IP's using IP wizard on two load generator boxes and able to see them when I give IPconfig in cmd prompt.

    2. Set the VUser Quota on Run time Quota in Load Generator with 20 .
    3. Distributed the number of users equally to the run group ( Scripts )

    4. Turned on IP spoofing in Controller

    Any help is appreciated

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    Are you correlating the server handoff from the load balancer to the front end server in your scripts? If not and the load balancer is not being used as a front end proxy, just as a hand off agent, then you will be pretty much sending load to one server that is in your script instead of load balancing.
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    Just check the CPU utilization of all the servers. If you find one server is consuming more and others are consuming less or have CPU utilization same as before the test was started then its fair bit of indication that the load balancing is not happening and load is send across to one server and other servers are not utilized.

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    I'd agree with James here (I know as it happened to me in the dark and distant past)

    I'd recorded twice and diffed to get correlations... script worked perfectly in vugen

    When moving up to the contoller and running multiple users, there were sessions on one leg, but the other had none.

    Went back to the script and found a long string that hadn't shown up at the diff stage, correlated it and then back in the controller, both legs of the AUT suddnely showed traffic.



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