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    Asynchronous HTTP requests using loadrunner web protocol

    Asynchronous HTTP requests using loadrunner web protocol
    Is it possible to do this without a web service?
    If so - how?

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    This is possible.

    Usually in this situation the client repeats to send one specific request (with some delay) to the server until the result is returned.

    You need to identity this request and iteratate it in a while loop until you get the result. If this happens you leave the loop.
    Do a text check with the responses to see if you are still waiting or if the result is returned.

    Kind regards

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    1. I'm looking to send 10 HTTP requests in parallel (synchronous). I don't want to wait to any response before sending the next request. I do not understand how your reply helps me.
    2. I'm looking to measure the response times of the response

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    I see some stuff in the function reference. I just searched for "Asynchronous". I'm running 11.5.

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    i am using lr9.52
    And for Asynchronous HTTP requests i am using web_concurrent_start\end

    I would like to measure the individual resource timings within the web_concurrent_start and web_concurrent_end function calls. For eg:-

    web_concurrent_start( );




    web_concurrent_end( );
    lr_end_transaction("t1", LR_AUTO);

    While t1 gives us the response time for the concurrent group, I need to get the timings for web_url1, web_url2, web_url3.


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    checkbox in run time settings

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    Which checkbox do you mean Jim? I looked and I don't see anything. Although it's monday and daylight savings just kicked in so I'm tired...

    Also, assaf990, I know you're on 9.52, but just so you and others know, in 11.5 there are ways to handle async behavior. There is something called async scan and there's a whole section in the user guide describing how to deal with it.

    Here's a link I found to the guide online, then just search for the asynchronous section: ftp://ftp.itrc.hp.com/applications/H...11.50_User.pdf

    I still don't know how it works nor have I used it so I can't give any feedback on it.

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    i will read the PDF




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