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    How to handle server push with loadrunner


    Could you please let me know if there is any solution to handle server push responses? details as follows:
    Loadrunner 9.52 web(HTTP/HTML) protocol having 500 vusers licence
    1. Client sends HTTP request to webserver and receives sync response(acknowledgment) in the same HTTP connection Then client terminates the connection
    2. Application servers process the response in backend and when ever response is ready then it pushes the response to the client by opening HTTP connection(application server config details have IP address.port where to push message)

    I am able to simulate point 1 which is sync flow. When it comes to point 2, i am unable to config loadrunner as alistener to capture async response when ever application server pushed it.

    I know loadrunner 11.5 supports async patterns poll/long poll/push but loadrunner have to establish HTTP connect with web server inorder to work with these patterns. Where in my case, application server establishes connection with loadrunner to push response

    kindly let me know if there is any solution to simulate it.

    kind regards,

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    as far as I'm aware this is not possible straight out of the box...

    it may be possible to write a custom C dll that will handle this for you though (this may be beyond the scope of what you are doing/your level of expertise - I don't know)

    othewise I think you'd be stuck with citrix/rdp/guivuser and associated disadvantages

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    I'm not sure if this will help but the function web_reg_cross_step_download says this in the function reference:

    "...used to support the testing of applications that employ browser push technology for any content sent using the HTTP protocol. This function registers a request to allow steps to end without waiting for the server response for the specified URL to complete..."

    I read the whole LoadRunner description twice and I still don't understand it, but I'm a little slow. Either way, hope it helps.

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    I thought that was there to allow for Asynchronous Java request to complete (ie AJAX)



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