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    Anyone at LR11 Patch 4? ...

    Installing it now, any exciting new features or fixes that you're happy with?

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    Re: Anyone at LR11 Patch 4? ...

    we're at patch 4

    nothing to write home about... dfe for GWT would be great if we could map the drive which we can't

    Analysis appears to be a bit unhappy in Windows 7 (ie slow and a bit unstable) but that might just be our WIN7 installation

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    Re: Anyone at LR11 Patch 4? ...

    Thanks, Jim. We're hoping to cleans-up a few odd Citrix and TruClient things for us.

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    Re: Anyone at LR11 Patch 4? ...

    not sure - read the documentation I guess and have a go - we're not using truclient or citrix, but I think there might have been some thing in the release notes

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    Re: Anyone at LR11 Patch 4? ...

    We're at pc11 patch 4 but went straight to it from lr 9.52 [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] so didn't look into it. In recent conversations with hp support over citix, they suggested that citrix add-in for loadrunner is available for patch three only and it throws a warning of version mismatch when used with pc11 patch 4 but it can be ignored. I haven't tried it but need to use it couple of months.
    1. LR 9.5
    2. Web HTTP/HTML
    3. No
    4. Without
    5. SP2 or 9.52 (?)
    6. New
    7. Web / 2500
    8. Yes
    9. Windows XP pro (version 2002) SP3

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    Re: Anyone at LR11 Patch 4? ...


    After installing patch 04 the protocol "Java Record&Replay" does not succeed any more - it fails to start record. Some easy fix can be done manually but as HP told me this will be part of patch 05.




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