I want to run a scenario with Java VUsers protocol.
Each VUser is actually a driver of SAF, so before I developed my script I had done the follow:

A. I had installed JDK

B. I had copied the SAF driver (jars files to c:\saf\jars, and properties file to c:\saf).

C. I had written some IMPORT lines in the script in order to import the jars above only (with no reference to the properties file).

D. I had defined the location of JARS files in class-path. (with no reference to the properties file)

My questions:

I want to run a scenario by 5 load-generators.

1.What should be installed on each load-generator?

2.How to configure the class-path on each VUser on Controller scenario?

3. How to configure the run-time-setting >Java VM:

3.1 Which JDK should be used by each load-generator? Internal or specific?

3.2 Should I check the field 'load each vuser using dedicated class loader'?

Thank !!