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    Loadrunner vs JAVA Swing App?


    I have a application developed in Java Swing, does Loadrunner supports full scripting[Parameters, Correlation and etc] like Web Browser? If yes which protocol to use?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Ravi Konka
    Ravi Konka -

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    Re: Loadrunner vs JAVA Swing App?

    Hello Ravi!

    You have to use "JAVA Record Replay" to create scripts for JAVA applications. Parameters is going fine, but correlation needs manual programming (in JAVA) in the script. You need to know the relevant classes and methods and may be you have to create your own additional classes.

    Kind regards

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    Re: Loadrunner vs JAVA Swing App?

    Specifically, you need to know the classes and the methods in order to build your hook file. This will be a multi step process and will most likely require a lot of communications with your developers of the application (unless you are very comfortable in the Java language yourself). The hook file will be used to properly expose or hide the appropriate classes and/or methods used in the app. You will find that you will expose certain ones or hide certain ones, jun the script again and than repeat this process until you have a viable hook file. In most cases, you need to hide the classes/methods that are used for GUI display.

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    Tom Johnson

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    Thanks a lot for info, sorry for delay in reply. The info provided is really useful...much appreciate for info.

    Ravi Konka
    Ravi Konka -

    ***** Help others it will help you *****



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