We are currently running PC 9.52 on a combination of 17 servers spread over 4 different locations in the US. All servers are running Win 2003.

We want to upgrade to ALM/PC 11 now but for various reasons IT can't upgrade the boxes to Win 2008 for a few months. http://www.hp.com/go/TDQC_SysReq says that Win 2008 is "preferred" and Win 2003 is "supported". HP support has not been able to provide concrete CONs if we install on Win 2003 now and the upgrade to Win 2008 early next year (when we are out of a testing crunch).

To make us even more apprehensive one of our team members thinks they heard (yes, I know...) that if you install on Win 2003 you can't later uplevel the OS to Win 2008 -- and currently HP can't positively (on won't) say that is not the case.

Can anyone who has upleveled to ALM/PC 11 shed any light on this matter?

-Much Thanks, Terry Horwath